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Communicative Paradigm for Language Education in Innovative Humanitarian Environment

The article covers the most urgent and problematic issue of our education, i.e. its communicative paradigm (СР). In the focus of both educators' and researchers' attention are the assets which concern the strategy and technology of the formation of communicative personality in the process of Language Studies, both native and international languages. First and foremost, the basics for convergent strategies in communication could help to create innovative humanitarian environment, the main characteristics of which are poly-cultural and multilingual assets. The methodological approach to the structure of educational environment provides the specifics of a dialogue which is both interaction and the main q asset for the subject's content. The latter concerns sense/value and role repertoire/positions for creating different situa- jjj tions of the learning process via dialogue investigated from the view-point of productive comprehension. Longitudinal 5 investigation (since the year of 1995 and till now) which include multifaceted analysis of the productive results of scien- 3j tific and pedagogical experience of the Chair (NIPKiPRO).

Keywords: communication, dialogism, convergent consciousness, text, speech, sociocultural assets, poly-lingual space, О functional language acquisition/literacy, comprehension.


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