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Thematic Activities of After-hour Activities in Physics to Implement the Requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards

The Article is devoted to the description of the experience of the organization of extracurricular activities in physics. It determines the significance of extracurricular activities for the formation of the motive for learning, cognitive interest and, as a consequence, the formation of cognitive actions of a generalized nature. It is said about the place of extracurricular activities in the implementation of the second generation standard. The article discusses the directions and stages of the organization of the educational environment, which allows to intensify the cognitive activity of students: lessons of the discipline "Laws of the world"; lessons of physics; interaction with the teacher after school (extracurricular activities); meeting with graduates (continuity of generations). Thus, it turns out to be formed "polygon of inclusion" to physics. The article describes each direction of inclusion, but a special place is given to the description of the main bright event, covering all classes, the entire Lyceum — fireworks of physical tricks, which became a tradition and the hallmark of the Lyceum. Given the direction of the demonstrations and their list, which is the basis of the event. Some interesting facts allow to speak about efficiency and effectiveness of extracurricular activities in physics at the Lyceum No. 13, p. Krasnoobsk in Novosibirsk region. Justify the need of extracurricular activities for the implementation of interdisciplinary results. The article is intended for teachers who are passionate about their subject and work on the basis of the second generation standard. The ideas of the article can be transferred to other subjects.

Keywords: extracurricular activities in physics, development of cognitive interest.


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