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Methodical Accompaniment of Professional Activity of Teacher in a Post-course Period

In today's reality, a modern teacher learns with children, and demonstrates to his students the ability to learn. Practically every teacher wants to become a professional. The notion of "professionalism" includes not only subject, didactic, methodological, psychological and pedagogical knowledge and skills, but also the personal potential of the teacher, which includes the system of his professional values, his beliefs, attitudes. Professional standard "Educator" defines the requirements for assessing the activities of the teacher, as the need to improve pedagogical skills, the level of teacher's professionalism in the system of professional development of teaching staff, which is the main agent of the development and development of the teacher's competencies. In this regard, it is proposed to organize the process of teacher development in accordance with the orientation to the norms and requirements laid down in the professional standard of the teacher, to update the content of continuing education and approaches to its development using pedagogical strategy. The article reveals the essence of the teacher's support in the post-course period, as a basic function of the modern process of professional development; the problems of methodical support of the teacher are considered, through the development and implementation of programs for professional development, distance learning through the use of distance technologies; measures to include teachers in the activities of network subject pedagogical communities, with the presentation of modern forms of communication and interactive pedagogical interaction with colleagues, the organizational chart of the modern work of the subject methodological association of teachers. The inclusion in the post-course period of the teacher's escort function is defined by us as a promising form of work with teachers, which allows us to activate the cognitive activity of the teacher, generate educational results, and increase the role of self-analysis and self-esteem.

Keywords: the teacher’s professional standard, system of professional development, methodological support of the teacher, post-course period, network methodical association.


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