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Reflective practice in vocational education

The theme of the publication actualizarea understanding of the need for professional training is able to detect and formulate the production tasks, to take effective solutions. The article seeks to understand the pedagogical conditions of formation professional and create situations of reflexive interaction in the learning process. Because of the relevance of the question of the formation of professional personnel with a high level of development of knowledge and skills within the chosen profession, is one of the possible solutions to the problem of choice of methodological support and appropriate learning technologies. On the basis of a philosophical understanding of reflection as a cognitive process in which the subject expresses his attitude to the subject of knowledge, perceiving itself together with it, defines the content of the reflective practitioner. The educational aspect of the reflective practitioner, from the point of view of the authors is to understand the student theoretical content through its figurative representation. Created the image of "living" knowledge and attitude is a model of future professional activity of the graduate. Disclosed stages of reflective practices in the pedagogical process: the formation of intrinsic motivation, the creation of a reflective space of interaction, the extraction of positive meanings. Shows the main methods of creation of reflexive situations is addressed not only to thinking, but also to the emotional, sensual world of the students, which enable them to comprehend, to describe their thoughts, experience and results. Among them methods such as the method of creation of problem situations, the method of questioning, method of philosophizing, method essay method of modeling of practical situations. They help the student to interior service knowledge "became the" culture and apply them in work situations. In the end, the article formulates a conclusion: build a process of professional learning based on reflective practices — a means to make the transition from value to meaning, from the reflection of scientific information — to the birth of relationships, the construction of a student "living" knowledge and experience of future professional activity.

Keywords: professional education, reflection, reflective practice, self-development, understanding.


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