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Some of the Learning Strategies that Empower Teaching English with Letterland

The article focuses on the original technology of the author that can empower teaching English with Letterland. For many years educators in English-speaking countries rejected traditional teaching of phonics, believing that because English spelling is so irregular, to give priority to teaching letter sounds was too difficult and confusing. It required too much rote learning, it was unpopular and boring for 5–7 year-olds, and worse, it gave them a distaste for reading. Instead, many educators favoured a "whole word" approach which relied on children memorising and practising a wide store of whole-word shapes, to be recognised as "sight vocabulary" without analysing the letter sounds in them. When the pendulum swung back to phonics the new challenge became how to teach phonics without the drawbacks caused by traditional phonics methods. The author of this article has created the Letterland system that answered this challenge.

Keywords: Teaching English to young learners, teaching reading in English, phonics, the Roman Alphabet — Aa–Zz, holistic approach, learning strategies for children.


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