New forms of realization of educational program ? of non-school a c tiv ity and additional I training of children

This paper presents the analysis of practical relevance and normative capabilities for creating a new form of realization j of educational program for non-school activity and additional training of the children in terms of "The Open Youth University". This paper includes the organizational chart of the Club "Creating Worlds" as a new organizational form of non-school activity and additional training, advantages and prospects for effective application of the proposed form for every educational organization. It presents the comparative analysis of organizational structure of the Club with the referent international organizations, the positive and negative features of various organizational structures are revealed, the best international practices for implementation in the Club model were chosen. Based on the research results of Russian and international similar structures the appropriate forms and technologies of educational programs delivery within the Club "Creating Worlds" were defined, the performance indicators of the Club activity as an organizational form where educational process is held and performance indicators of teachers activity were defined. Following the first experience of practical approbation of the presented form we defined problems of its realization and potential opportunities of its implementation.

Keywords: non-school activity, additional training, terms of organization of quality educational process; technologies of educational process organization.

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