Provision of Quality Development of Schools with Consistently Poor Results

The article discusses and analyzes the actual theme of providing quality educational services in Kochenyovsky District. Some schools Kochenyovsky District show consistently low learning outcomes, leading to a reduction in the quality of education the district. The aim of this study was to identify factors that affect the learning outcomes of educational organizations Kochenyovsky District, as well as revealing of their features. The study included a survey of directors of educational institutions Kochenyovsky District, which was attended by 24 directors of 16 schools of rural areas and 4 major educational organizations Kochenёvo urban-type settlements and Chick. The study found that schools with consistently poor results inherent features such as: a low level of human resource capacity of teachers; a high level of deprivation of the parents, as well as the lack of motivation for learning in students and their parents.

Keywords: education, quality of education, educational service, development, management.

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