The Principle of Conceptual Interaction in Teaching the Humanities and Natural Sciences

The paper, from the perspective of natural philosophy, provides "unwrapping" actual for the education concept about the necessity of provision a high level of development of creative element of the personality by means of natural-science knowledge in the aspect of liberal education. The researchers are convinced that in the environment of chaotically globalizing world it is vital to study a synthesis of integration of educational, developmental and pedagogic opportunities of every student course and ways of its realization. In view of combination of various methods of learning — from logic, including the methods of formal logic to observations, measurements, experiment, different models, analogies — natural science disciplines possess significant educational potential as in the pedagogic so in the personality development aspect positively influencing on humanitarian environment of school, in particular inducing language specific component.


Keywords: integrative processes (IP), humanistic philosophy, cultural self-determination (CSD), language personality, dualistic thinking (DT), mythological world, real world of a person, «I-object», space and time, realia of new age, the worldwide of Chaos.

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