Language Development of a Student in a Modern day Classroom: Methodology and Practice

This article is a methodological/theoretical review of the concept of ‘true communication of what the world needs nowadays’ and manifestation of the participants’ motivation towards communication in the educational process of the language classrooms/classes. As is the case, on the one hand, of special significance for the authors of this research is the analysis of the means and devices for making the utmost of the two main approaches to ELT, differentiation and individualization, which are considered to be necessary conditions for true communication and intellectual development via language development of the personality of a student. On the other hand, this study provides the concept on a culture-oriented self-determination as the technology for humanization of multilingual assets in the educational environment in the light of the communication paradigm of the poly-lingual personality of a student. According to the culture-oriented paradigm of education (V. S. Вibler, E. V. Bondarevskaya, V. V. Losev, А. P. Valitskaya, J. R. Searle, etc.), the concepts ‘culture of understanding’, interaction and cooperation in the educational space can function thanks to dialogical interaction of each of the participants of the communicative process. The cornerstone of the likely culture of positive interaction is seen in the determination of the devices/activities–for–choice. Actual assets for each person’s activities should be the possibility to choose, i. e. subjects/topics for communication, cultural means (verbal and non-verbal) for self-reаlization, firstly, in the educational process, i. e. to learn how to become and be choosy when one takes and makes priorities in their life. In this research paper the authors do try to show how to do this fruitfully.

Keywords: true communication, motivation, speech and culture development of the personality of a student, activity-oriented approach to education, intellectual development, language education, the poly-lingual educational space.

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