Case-technology and its use on lessons of history

Origin, peculiarities and tasks of case study technologies are considered in details, case study contents, different types of work with this technology are described, a role of a teacher is shown in the work with case study technologies. Steps of work with case studies on the history lessons are indicated case sources: statistical materials; analysis of scientific articles, monographs, scientific reports on a particular problem; Internet resources; fiction and journalism. The principles of case study construction are revealed: formation of didactic purposes of the case; definition of a problem situation; building a program case study map consisting of the main theses, which must be implemented in the text; search for information on the study topic; collection of information on the theses of the program card of the case; construction, choice of the model of the situation, which reflects the activities of the institution, checking its relevance to reality; choice of case genre; writing the text of the case; diagnosis of the correctness and effectiveness of the case, the conduct of a methodological training experiment, built on a particular scheme, to calculate the effectiveness of this case; preparation of the final version of the case; preparation of guidelines for the use of the case. The essence of the implementation of the case study is revealed: familiarity with the situation, its features.

Keywords: case, case study technology, case study sources, case study content, case work.

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