Construction of Teaching Methods for «The Modern Global-information» Educational Paradigm

Reconstruction of the educational system of being immersed into the new teaching paradigm requires modernization of teaching methods. This modernization defines not only the development of new methods, but new dedicated classifications for the allocation of the described in the classical didactics methods, new dedicated classifications for summation fore present and new methods of teaching, new methods inside classes of methods of teaching. In the context of formulated direction a problem of development and description of new teaching methods in the definite classes and given (organized with basement emphasis) classification is being solved. In addition to the existing in the modern literature results a universal approach to task solution was offered, taking into consideration attitudes, which are being dictated by globalization and tendency of the education to multipurposeness and the development of the information and communication technologies: 1) dominating of methods in the modern system of education used in working with information, and 2) aiming to technological effectiveness of the construction of the method. The basis of the methodology of realization of offered approach -is renovation and development of new teaching methods with the use of aggregation and disaggregation of the method elements highlighted in the classical didactics: operations, actions, techniques and resources. To solve this task algorithm was constructed of teaching method development of the specific class of methods. To illustrate the solvation an example of the development of two teaching methods for method of projects was given, being included in the class of exploratory (gnostic) method capturing different aims, as in: for the first method – formation of exploratory skills in the students, for the second method – development of exploratory skills in the students.

Keywords: teaching method, elements of teaching method, class of teaching method, construction on the basis of aggregation and disaggregation.

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