Technological Approach in the Implementation of the Model for Improving Managerial Competencies of Officers in of Professional Development

The article examines the structure of pedagogical technologies, their characteristics, sources and elements. The author argues that the very ideas of pedagogical technologies, as well as the development of their content and classification, were a response to the need of society for a clearly defined result of origin and the need for repeated repetition of the same actions, both by different teachers and with different students. Also, in the course of the study, the classification of pedagogical technologies was studied based on their instrumentally significant and essential properties. The paper describes the nature and structure of technology implementation model to improve the management qualities of officers of Russian guard in the process of training. The purpose of this article is to theoretically and methodologically justify the need to use a technological approach in the process of improving the managerial qualities of officers of Russian guard in the implementation of professional training programs.

Keywords: pedagogical technology, managerial qualities, officers, advanced training, national guard troops, educational process, technological approach.

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