Context-problem-solving Approach to Learning Physics as a tool for Improving Learners’ Comprehension of Instructional Material and their Career Guidance

The article deals with some theoretical aspects referring to the issue of learners’ comprehension of the instructional material and states that it can be achieved only through a comprehensive approach. The learning process should be based on new technologies with the main focus on acquiring special skills that can help learners to make own decisions and equip them with knowledge of ways and techniques for acting independently. The problem-solving process is the best way to cope with the above specified problems. The method described in this paper is author’s technology applied for learning physics through advanced learners’ self-study. It is an appropriate technique for solving problems in physics. Through this activity students acquire a number of vital cognitive skills such as successive integration of problem solving elements into example study until the learners use the acquired knowledge in other fields on their own. They are also able to paraphrase the statement of a problem, to establish links and find the logic in the acquired learning material and those one that they are learning now. The algorithms of actions are vital for better and deeper subject comprehension. Systematic use of context tasks in process of training allows increase substantially learners’ interest in activities connected to problems solution in physics. Besides, it can have a positive effect on learners’ career guidance.

Keywords: context tasks, the comprehension of instructional material, specified to some certain logic algorithms for solving arbitrary problems in physics, learning technology, teaching package, career guidance.

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