Personality Psychology: Modern Pessimism and the Optimistic Ethics of Democritus

The article aims to find a way to overcome one of the aspects of the problem of personality psychology-the crisis of the mental and sensory state of modern man as a result of his interaction with the surrounding reality. To achieve this goal, two tasks are set: first, to analyze the nature of the existing limiting and painful state of the human psyche, second, to propose and consider one of the possible ways to overcome this state. To solve these problems, attention is drawn to the objectively increasing pessimistic tendency of human psychology in connection with the increase in the number of problems in his life that he is not able to cope with at the present time. The article focuses on the characteristics of the negative perception of a person's existence in society and culture – alarm state, depression and destructive behavior. An attempt is made to find one of the solutions to the problem indicated by the contradiction between the potential ability of a person to be happy and the actual inability to do so in modern conditions. Based on the fact that this problem is of an interdisciplinary psychological and philosophical nature, we consider the characteristic features of the optimistic ethics of Democritus from the point of view of their possible application in the formation of modern positive personality psychology and its resulting constructive behavior. As a result of the conducted research, the conclusion is made: the features of Democritus ' approach to the formation of ethics are basically applicable for creating a favorable mental state of a modern person and his behavior.

Keywords: morality, society, turbulence, crisis, alarmism, pessimism, antiquity, eudaemonism, individual man, the principle of harmony.

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