Components and Structure of the Personality Model of the Modern Teacher

The problem of readiness of teachers of educational organizations to effective professional activity in new social and economic conditions from the positions of androgogical and acmeological approaches is actualized. It is emphasized that the teacher, being a key figure in the implementation of the innovative education system, should be considered primarily as a person focused on universal humanistic values. The purpose of the article is to describe the structural model of the personality of a modern teacher and to reveal the content of its components: humanity, intellectual potential and professionalism, which includes competencies. The results of the survey of different categories of respondents who confirmed the importance of the personality qualities of the teacher described in the article are presented. To form and maintain them at a high level, it is recommended to carry out a proven continuous training with the use of adaptive learning systems.

Keywords: humanism, professionalism, intellectual potential, professional activity, competence approach.

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