Educational Potential of International Languages in Extracurricular Activities

Introduction. The purpose of this article is to start moving beyond outdated explanations of the use of extracurricular activities in modern Russian schools by separating from the study of theory and to present a problem analysis of the parameters of communicative, linguistic, and socio-cultural competences of students. Materials and methods. Humanitarian practices aimed at the development of analytical and creative thinking of the individual are studied using methods and techniques of search experiment - questioning, interviewing, diagnostic and training stages - in the field of education of students in the conditions of language pluralism of the developing educational environment of extracurricular activities in school. Several examples of active devices and methods used in the framework of the Club will be discussed, and it will be demonstrated that the activities, including different games, cannot be understood without simultaneously studying the principles of personification of learning global English, through English and about English. Results. Characteristics of the developing educational environment of interaction of its participants, which is based on the values of the personalized model; parameterization of the educational environment created in the conditions of the intellectual games club as a form of extracurricular work for the study of international languages. Conclusion. The article concludes with a tentative assessment of the positive educational impact on the communicative and intellectual culture of pedagogues, students and their making independent decisions in the framework of extracurricular activities.

Keywords: extra-curricular activities, Club of intellectual games, personal development, cognitive abilities, increasing motivation, active and interactive forms of classes, quest, teamwork, social adaptation.

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