No. 1 (2015)

Modern Education Progress Tends as a Reference Point for a School Educational Environment Projecting

World experience shows that the stage-by-stage development of the society provokes a crisis in the system of education by increasing the appeared antagonisms. We propose to examine the main progress trends of the Russian educational system from the standpoint of eliminating contradictions in the school educational environment projecting.

Keywords: antagonisms of education, projecting, progress trends, educational reforms, principles.

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Integration of the Educational Systems and the Development of Professional Environment for Teacher

We search the problem of teacher’s self-development in the integrative professional educational environment. A particular attention is given to some approaches to the developing of this environment. We present a system of scientific and methodological support for the process of teacher’s personal and professional self-development, and examine the key stages in the construction of such a system.

Projecting as a Means for the Formation of the Inclusive Educational Activity

We deal with topical questions of inclusive education in the light of the new Russian Federation Law on Education. In the article we examine the concept of the inclusive educational environment and the special role of projecting in its formation. The experience of the realization of the creative inclusive project on the basis of a public school is described.

Keywords: inclusive education, educational environment, projecting, children with limited health abilities.

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Extracurricular Activities as a Resource for the Formation of a Comfortable and Developmental Educational Environment

In the article we consider basic regulatory requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of the general education to the organization of the extracurricular activities which are a corresponding part of the comfortable educational environment.

Keywords: the Federal State Educational Standard, extracurricular activities, primary school.

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The Development of Universal Educational Actions at the Lessons of Social Studies

The development of universal educational actions is one of the main statements of the Federal State Educational Standards. We note that in today's modern society much attention is paid to the formation of a new type of Russian citizens' worldview. The integration of social studies course into the secondary school stimulates the development of students' positive attitude to the homeland, active citizenship, and the right self-determination.

Gifted Children. Way of the Future

In the article we present Novosibirsk region government program on the identification and support of gifted children and talented students.

Keywords: working with gifted children, special classes, coordination of educational activities.

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Personality Development Potential of the Educational Environment with Different Level of Psychological Comfort

In article the coordination of group profiles of personal qualities of teachers and pupils in different types of the educational environment is analyzed. We consider the questions connected with a problem of psychological examination of the educational environment. It is proved that psychologically comfortable environment is an optimizing condition for the development of personal potential of its subjects.

The MA Course: Scientific Planning of Educational Environment

In the article we present the research results about the self-actualization of the postgraduates of the Novosibirsk State Agrarian University for demonstrating the scientific planning of developing educational environment of the MA course.

Keywords: modernization of education, educational environment, postgraduate, Master program, the results of research.

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Diagnostics of Educational Competencies of Primary School Children

In the article the conditions of the organization of educational competencies diagnostics of primary school pupils are considered. We differentiate and define the key concepts of the competence-based approach in education such as an educational competence and an educational competency. Moreover we disclose a practice-oriented nature of diagnostic tasks developed by the author, by means of which individual diagnostic studies of younger pupils can be carried out.

Scientific and Methodological Support of Innovation Work in Institutions of General Education

We examine the main point and structure of scientific and methodological support, and analyze its function as a tool for management of innovative development of educational institutions. We determine and describe the main activities of the vice-principal for scientific and methodological work, aimed at support of innovative processes in an educational institution.

Keywords: innovations in education, scientific and methodological support.

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