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Course for Choice in Teaching Linguistically Gifted School Students

In this article the author places the emphasis that linguistically gifted pupils have to own debatable abilities, metacommunication signals, know the main strategy and tactics of foreign-language communication, school students learn about it from the course for choice developed by the researcher "Russian and the English speech etiquette: similarities and distinctions".

The English Language as a Playground

The article focuses on the special instruction language used in the Letterland system for teaching early literacy skills in English which was created by the author. The pre-school and early primary school years are the time in children’s lives when they sponge up new vocabulary, when they are full of curiosity, and when they are keen to participate in imaginative play.

The Federal State Educational Standard of Primary General Education: The Development of Critical Thinking through Reading and Writing

 In the article we discuss the using of techniques and methods of development of critical thinking through reading and writing for organizing active and effective activities in learning process. We analyze its productive synthesis with other activity technologies in order to achieve student’s personal and metasubject results.

Extracurricular Activities of Primary School Students. Visual Geometry Course


In the article we describe the purpose and content of the visual geometry course for primary school students. 


The Analysis of Professionally-Oriented Texts on the Lessons of a Foreign Language

Geography of Novosibirsk Region: The Model of Formation of a Regional Component in the Transition to the Federal State Educational Standard of Basic General Education

In this article we propose a model of realization of a regional component in the educational institutions of the Novosibirsk region. This material will be interesting and useful to teachers of geography, heads of methodological associations of teachers of geography, vice-principals of academic affairs, principals, that all those who are involved in the formation of the curriculum of the educational organization.

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