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Hippotherapy in the Structure of Correctional and Educational Work with Children of Preschool Age with Disturbances in the Musculoskeletal System and Speech

We describe the experience of using hippotherapy to rehabilitate children of preschool age with disturbances in the musculoskeletal system, and show the possibilities of hippotherapy for motor development.

Keywords: hippotherapy, children with limited health abilities.

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Using Fairy Tales in Correctional Work with Preschool Children

In the article we present the method of using fairy tales for correcting language development of children with severe speech disorders. Fairy tales are important in increasing motivation for speaking, correcting disorders of phonetic-phonemic, lexical and grammatical aspects of speech, and developing of coherent speech. We disclose stages of work; give some examples of methodological techniques that are used in the structure of correctional and speech therapy.

“Connective Thread of Times”: Experience of Use Pedagogical Project in the Structure of Preschool Education of Children with Visual Impairments

We describe the experience of educational activity of a teacher on the socialization of children with visual impairments by means of folklore, decorative applied arts.

Keywords: visual impairments, thread graphics techniques, the development of visual perception, motor skills in hands, correction, compensation.

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Picture Graphics Modeling: The Formation of Coherent Speech in Preschool Children with Speech Disturbances

We describe the possibilities and advantages of using picture graphics modeling for the formation of coherent monologue speech in preschool children with the general speech underdevelopment.

Keywords: picture graphics modeling, coherent monologue speech, general speech underdevelopment.

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Possibilities of Speech Therapy Rhythmic for Correcting Speech Disturbances of Preschoolers

In the article we describe the potential of speech therapy rhythmic as a correctional technique in working with children with speech disturbances. The content of this technique is disclosed on the basis of its musical-motor and motor-speech means.

Keywords: speech therapy rhythmic (logo rhythmic), movement, rhythm.

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Professional Orientation of Students with Mental Retardation (Intellectual Disabilities) in the System of Social Labor Adaptation

The article is devoted to the one of the most actual problems of the modern oligophrenopedagogics, that is a professional orientation of students with mental retardation. We give an overview of the features of professional self-determination, the specifics of professional orientation of students with intellectual disabilities, and present the experience of the work of the regional professional orientation festival for graduates of special (correctional) schools (VIII type).

Implementation of Adapted Programs of Special Education of Children in Home-Based Training School

In the article we discuss the possibility of implementing special developmental programs in secondary school for children with limited health abilities. Moreover we present many years’ experience implementing similar programs in the secondary school “Perspective” (school of home-based training).

Keywords: adapted programs of special education of children, social development of children with limited health abilities, ecological education.

Lessons from the introduction of new knowledge on the basis of students ' research activities

This article examines the problem of creating the conditions for the existence of the independence of students, the combination of rigour and respect for the individual student. Teacher modeling modern lesson, should create conditions so that students in a collective search came to the opening, have postulated and proved their claims. In connection with the transition to next generation standards necessary connection of system and activity approach in teaching methodology as the GEF.

Problematic dialogue on the lessons of physics

The role of physics in secondary process is quite large. This discipline includes not only a set of theoretical data, but, above all, the formation and development of philosophy, relation to reality, practical skills of interaction with the environment. As a result of learning physics, the student must not only master the curriculum, and learn how to independently acquire and apply knowledge. The article substantiates the necessity of developing research skills of students through the application of methods of problem dialogue.

Students’ Experimental Activities in Physics Specialized Class

The article is devoted to the experimental activity at lessons of physics of the basic level and in specialized classes.

Keywords: physics specialized class, physics education, experiment, experimental activity.

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