Teachers council by correspondence

Using Problem-Based-Learning Scenarios for Training Primary School Teachers

 We present the experience of implementing problem-based learning. The methodology of holding seminars-tutorials where students discuss the problem-case is shown. Three possible problem-case scenarios for studying methods of teaching Russian language are considered.

Primary School Teacher’s Professional Mobility as a Significant Condition for the Implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard

 The article provides a brief overview of the types of mobility. We describe our analysis of groups of teachers of different ages in order to determine the level of formation of their professional mobility. 

Elementary Music Education: Sources of General and Professional Culture

The article is devoted to the elementary music education aimed at the development of foundations of general and professional musical culture. We emphasize common origins of these foundations caused of centuries-old traditions and based on the classical musical heritage.

Modern form of in Crease in Professional Competences of Teachers at Realization of Innovative Approaches

The article presents the experience on the organization of creative group of teachers’ activity on the basis of innovative approach in "Volgograd technical school of the water transport named after the admiral of the fleet N. D. Sergeev".

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