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Social Situation of Development of a Pupil with a Hearing Impairment

The article covers the concept "social situation of development of a pupil with a hearing impairment", which specifies forms and ways of development of the child, types of activities, its mental properties and qualities of the specific restrictions in health. For each person it is specific and unique.

Traditions and Innovations in the Formation and Development of Competitive Personality

The article considers the problem of formation and development of competitive personality. Examines the creation o f a competitive, adaptive behavior o f a graduate that gives him a competitive advantage. Activity of pedagogical collective is investigated from the position o f the effective application of traditional and innovative learning approaches which determine the mechanism o f training in educational institution of secondary vocational education a sought after specialist.

Peculiar Features of Monitoring and Assessment of Personal Development Results of Primary Schoolchildren

The authors have held an empiric research that has revealed a problem o f monitoring o f the social training of the primary school children in accordance with state regulations. The text presents and analyzes methodology to perform efficiency assessment o f the personal development o f the primary school children more effectively, case study templates aregiven. The article highlights risks o f summarized monitoring researches in primary school.

Vocational Guidance and Formation of Future Skills Through Technology Lessons

The article is devoted to one o f the problems of the development o f modern school education - training o f the personnel for innovative economy. The authors of the article believe that it is in the school that it is necessary to develop future cadres that are capable o f creating high-demand products in the sphere of economy, science, innovation, education, and technologies.

The System of Pedagogical Conditions for the Development of the Principles of Thinking of the Primary Schoolchild The article

The article deals with the concept o f "principles o f thinking" and its role in the life of modern man. The necessity of developing skills o f solving open tasks in the educational process is substantiated, based on the identified contradictions between the demands of modern society and the level of quality o f education. The inconsistency o f identification of intellect and thinking is proved.

The Organization of Summarized Review in the Competent Teaching of Mathematics in the Secondary School

The article examines the issue o f lesson organization of summarized review in math from the point of view o f the implementation of didactic principles of knowledge assimilation, the actualization o f personal self-development and the subject-activity potential of learning with the purpose o f forming students cognitive competence.

Keywords: summarized review, cognitive competence, competent approach, teaching math.

The application of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) technology elements in working with primary school-aged children with visual impairments

This article presents some theory elements of solving inventive tasks in primary school with students who have vision disabilities, in particular, methods of making riddles and metaphors and method of focal objects.

Keywords: TRIZ, riddle, metaphor, method of focal objects, vision disabilities.

Teacher's Activity Improvement Based on the Professional Standard of the Pedagogue

The article presents a review of the new document "Professional standard of the pedagogue" by the teacher of Mathematics. New substantive aspects in the activity of a pedagogue in relation to functional responsibilities of a teacher are marked.

Keywords: standard of the pedagogue, definitive training, mathematics, information literacy of a teacher, integrated sessions.

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