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Provision of Quality Development of Schools with Consistently Poor Results

The article discusses and analyzes the actual theme of providing quality educational services in Kochenyovsky District. Some schools Kochenyovsky District show consistently low learning outcomes, leading to a reduction in the quality of education the district. The aim of this study was to identify factors that affect the learning outcomes of educational organizations Kochenyovsky District, as well as revealing of their features.

Education of Gifted School Students for the Purposes of Modern Engineering Background

The article is devoted to the actual issue, which is connected with the requirement of the occupational standard of a teacher, to provide an assessment and development of school students aptitude, to create learning environment for talent sustainability. The authors almost realized a number of innovative scientific and methodical ideas, developed ^ unique practice of implementation of school learning process of engineering background.

New forms of realization of educational program ? of non-school a c tiv ity and additional I training of children

This paper presents the analysis of practical relevance and normative capabilities for creating a new form of realization j of educational program for non-school activity and additional training of the children in terms of "The Open Youth University". This paper includes the organizational chart of the Club "Creating Worlds" as a new organizational form of non-school activity and additional training, advantages and prospects for effective application of the proposed form for every educational organization.

The Development of Teacher’s Need to Improve ICT-competence

In article we raise the problem of the existence and ways of developing teachers’ need to improve their ICT-competence for successful implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard requirements. The practice of inside school development of ICT-competence of teaching staff is described, the role of the teacher of informatics in this process is emphasized.

Keywords: teacher, ICT-competence, computer technology, robotics, scientific society, project.

Archimedes Digital Laboratory: Studying the Possibilities of Using Digital Measuring Equipment in Primary School

In the article we present the analysis of the possible application of digital measuring educational equipment in primary school on the basis of the practical experimental work with Archimedes digital laboratory. We consider some preconditions for using digital laboratories in general education, that have been initiated by the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard, and give practical recommendations on the organization of research work of primary school students.

Musical and Computer Technologies Innovative Project

In the article we describe the experience of the development of the Music and Computer Technology in Education project.

Keywords: educational project, innovation, musical culture, creativity, music and computer technologies (MCT), personal development, self-realization.

Metadisciplinary Project as a Technology of Integration of Educational and Extracurricular Communicative Events

In the article we present our teaching experience of implementing metadisciplinary projects in the School of understanding educational system. We describe the potential of metadisciplinary projects in forming and diagnosing communicative events based on the integration lesson and extracurricular activities.

Keywords: School of understanding, communicative event, metadisciplinary project, lesson and extracurricular activities.

Classroom Management as an Activity of Primary School Teachers (Teaching Practice in College)

In the article we substantiate the necessity of realizing competence-based approach to the teaching training in classroom management that possesses a significant potential for students' professional development and self-actualization.

Keywords: professional competence, homeroom teacher, teaching technologies.

Teacher’s Professionalism in Subject Olympiad: Russian Language and Literature

The article summarizes the experience of the subject olympiad "The Teacher of Russian Language and Literature is a Professional". We analyze some problems of pedagogical professionalism that have been found during the implementation of creative tasks and testing by teachers.

Keywords: teacher’s professionalism, teacher’s competence, subject olympiad, Russian language and literature.

Modern Requirements: Creating a Positive Image of an Educational Institution

Positive orientation of the youth to receive vocational training in a particular institution is determined by the image of the educational organization in many respects. When forming a positive image on the market of educational services, the institution is necessary to identify its strengths and weaknesses to determine priorities and strategies of further work.

Keywords: image of educational institution, vocational education, criterion of positive image, the strategy of image formation.

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