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The Role of E-learning in the Development of Innovative Environment of Educational Organization

In the article we describe the experience of the Novosibirsk grammar school No. 16 on the creation and development of innovative educational environment as complex system changes which provide motivational involvement of all participants of educational relations in the productive interaction. It meets the objectives of the Concept of long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation until 2020, which indicates the need for a new understanding of the role of education as a strategic resource of society.

Developing Responsible Behavior of Students in Primary Classes

Some questions of nurturing responsible behavior of primary school students under the informatization of the educational process are presented in the article. We propose our cycles of classroom hours.

Keywords: education, responsibility, behavior, informatization of the educational process, classroom hour, primary school pupil, parents’ meeting, cooperation.

Peculiarities of Analyzing Historical Material with Students

In the article we discuss some specifics of teaching history. The emphasis is on the need to work with the concepts and terms.

Keywords: history, student, scientific term, analysis, conclusion, self-directed work.

Structural and Substantial Possibilities of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines

In the article the possibilities to activate cognitive interest in social sciences and humanities are examined. We note the significance of such factors as the content of teaching material, education technologies, organizational forms and a teacher’s personality.

Keywords: cognitive interest, debate, social sciences, ingoing to the epoch, teacher’s personality.

Social Experience of Students in Teaching Social Studies

The article is devoted to problems of teaching social science based on personal social experience of students. We analyze some peculiarities of the use of personal social experience of students of secondary school, and describe the way of organizing extracurricular activities which are the conditions for the development of personal social experience.

Keywords: personal social experience of students, social studies, the Federal State Educational Standard, system and activity-based approach, teenagers, socialization of the personality.

How to Prepare for the Uniform Graduation Examination on the History: The Opinion of the Member of the Admission Commission

In the article we analyze the readiness of high school graduates to carry out the tasks of the examination on the history. We describe the changes in the Uniform graduation examination in recent years, and analyze the different types of tasks and training skills necessary to graduates in carrying out these tasks.

Keywords: Uniform graduation examination, history, result, historical and cultural standard, historical thinking.

"Meet the Judiciary System": The Development of Social Competence and Law Culture of Students in the Course of Social and Educational Project

In the article we examine social and pedagogical conditions and possibilities of juridical socialization of students. The experience of implementing the unique social and educational project “Meet the Judiciary System” is presented.

Keywords: law culture, social competence, the methodology of teaching law, social and teaching activi-ties.

Meanings of Education: Professional Pedagogical Interaction during Flash Workshop

We present our practical experience on discussing topical issues of education during flash workshop, which has taken place at the XVI Conference of Teachers of Novosibirsk region.

Keywords: professional pedagogical interaction at brief meeting, drama of professional pedagogical interaction, meaningful professional expert discussion.

Socio-pedagogical Interaction on the Example of Ecological Education

We describe administrative actions and mechanisms to establish interaction between school educational society and civil society for sustainable development of ecological education in the framework of a unified educational space of the city. The stages of the formation of social and pedagogical interaction are presented on the example of a school complex target program "Family".

Keywords: state public management, social and pedagogical interaction, education for sustainable development, a unified educational space of the city.

Geophysical Teaching Materials for Forming Scientific Outlook of Students

We regard the elements of forming students’ scientific outlook at the lessons of physics by means of geophysical teaching materials.

Keywords: scientific outlook, geophysics, geophysical teaching materials.

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