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Developing Cognitive Activity of Future Teachers by Means of Extracurricular Activities

In the article we present our experience of developing cognitive activity of students by means of extracurricular activities.

Keywords: extracurricular activity, extracurricular work, out-of-school work, content, forms, criteria, cognitive activity.

Logical Skills as the Subject of Assessment of School Interdisciplinary Learning Outcomes for Mathematics

In the article we consider the problem of improving the professional competence of a mathematics teacher in assessing interdisciplinary learning outcomes.

Keywords: interdisciplinary outcomes, logical skills, mathematics, pupils, assessment, criteria, levels.

The Organization of Educational Process on the Basis of Remote Technologies

The article describes the experience of the Novosibirsk French grammar school No. 16 in organizing e-learning and using remote technologies.

Keywords: remote learning technologies, high quality education, regional project, monitoring.

Additional Vocational Education in the SVE System

In this article we search the problem of the current state and trends in the development of additional vocational education in colleges and vocational schools on the example of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Technical College named after B. S. Galushchak.

Keywords: continuing education, additional vocational education, secondary vocational education (SVE), the SVE system, adult education, college.

About Educational Program on Financial Competence for Various Categories of Students

The article describes the experience of Siberian institute of Management on the implementation of a new educational program of additional professional education (upgrading) «Content and methodology of teaching of the course of financial competence for various categories of students”, focused on formation and development of educative-informative environment for teachers to create conditions for upgrading of financial competence of the public.

Keywords: financial competence, educational program, students, teachers, upgrading of financial competence.

The System of the Pedagogical Impacts in Terms of Environmental Culture Education of Health and Safety Lifestyle of School Students

The article depicts the problem of creation of the system of the pedagogical impacts in terms of environmental culture education of health and safety lifestyle of school students of 7-11 forms during the environment lessons and outside of the class hours. Environment subject course is structured.

Keywords: Environment education, environmentalization of school content, efficacy assessment of teaching, sustainable growth.

The Role of Mentoring for Professional Becoming of Young Teachers

This article stresses the applicability of mentoring institute in the modern system of education, it analyzes the needs of young teachers in mentor.

Keywords: mentor, mentoring institute, adaptation.

Identifying and developing the abilities of students

The article deals with the problem of identifying and developing skills of the child. Its relevance is due to the fact that the organization of the educational process comes down to achieve educational success from students. Aspects of self-understanding, special methods of work with the individuality of children in public schools are minimized.

Keywords: аbility, curriculum, the problem, detection, the study, education, relevance.

The Development of Information Educational Environment of Schools of Kochenyovsky District, Novosibirsk region

The article discusses the actual theme of providing quality educational services in the schools of Kochenyovsky District.

Keywords: education, information and educational environment, information and communication technology, the quality of education, rural schools.

Achievement of Planned Educational Outcomes in Primary Schools

The article describes an algorithm of teacher activities on creating necessary conditions for learning process of primary school students where each of them will reach personal, metadisciplinary and subject results as a part of requirements to basic educational program of primary general education.
Keywords: educational outcomes, expected results, the algorithm of teacher activities, basic educational program of primary general education.
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