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Debatable Questions of Historical Science in the Context of Teacher Training

The article presents a version of teachers' subject-methodical training for schoolteaching the controversial issues of a social - humanitarian science in the system of advanced training. Thematic content on the basis of which the given practical training is realising is viewed from the perspective of the author's specially developed modular unit course and from the point of view of providing the course manuals and workbooks.

Keywords: historiographycal sheets, methods of stages of the educational process, methodical training, the system of advanced training.

The Effect of Moral and Ethical Standards in the Development of Civil Society

This article deals with the particular features of the civil society formation under the influence of moral and ethical standards. The article reveals the peculiarities and the role of customs and traditions in the development of civil society. Special attention is paid to the peculiarities of the development of civil society in Russia, the influence of historical and geographical factors. The article presents the data of opinion polls showing the moral and spiritual attitude of the citizens.

Organizational Properties of the Junior High School Students' Education in Conditions of Informatization

This article deals with the questions of younger schoolboys' modern education in conditions of informatization in the unity of educational, extra curricular and after-school activities. The stages of the research and experimental work towards primary school pupils' moral behavior formation during the first four years are highlighted in the article. It proposes all forms of cooperation with the participants of the educational relationship, including parents, staff, Information Library Center and additional education teachers.

Distance Technologies for Expanding the Educational Route of Gifted Students

The article describes the experience of the gymnasium № 16 "French" in the implementation of the regional project "Networking distance school of Novosibirsk region." Using the distance technologies allows teachers to meet different educational needs of gifted students and to organize targeted individual lessons.

Keywords: e-learning, distance education technologies, gifted children.

Education Divergent Thinking - Resource Development of Creative Abilities

In the article the description of closed-ended and open-ended tasks is represented. The author reveals the problems of developing creative capabilities by the way of divergent thinking education and presents the tasks focusing on the formation of divergent thinking.

Keywords: education, convergent thinking, divergent thinking, creative capability, open-ended tasks.

Children's Puppet Show as a Unity of Creative and Pedagogical Problems

In this article we are talking about children's puppet show which is practically not been studied as an integral phenomenon. The phenomenon is caused by the unity of its creative and pedagogical problems. They are: the exact age-oriented focus, the complex of artistic expression means , setting for the exclusively positive life experiences, simplicity and accessibility for perception. The most important is the way of realization of artistic and imaginative content of the play with puppets. It is the subject of child's everyday life.

Psycho-Pedagogical and Methodical Garantees of the Effective Training for the State Exam

The article deals with psychological and pedagogical garantees and methodical aspects of high school students' training for the final test on the example of Natural Sciences school subject. The attention is focused on the possibilities of students' individually-personal maintenance and support in preparing for the State Exam; on forming the equal participation of students and training in the organization and implementation of their joint activity. The methodical and psycho-pedagogical principles of training for the State Exam are suggested in the article.

A Municipal Sample Program of Students' Education and Socialization at the Stage of Basic Education

The article describes the experience of the joint work of the author and the methodists of Gorodishchenskii district , Volgograd region Education Department on designing a sample municipal educational and socializational program ("New Generation of Mesopotamia") of students' training at the stage of basic general education.

Keywords: municipal sample program, moral values, education, socialization, personal culture.

Using E-learning Resources in Mathematics for Primary School

We describe some possibilities of using e-learning math resource Matific in primary school. Moreover we analyze the efficiency of e-learing resources for teaching, and propose our guidelines for using these resources at mathematics lessons.

Keywords: electronic learning resources, Matific, mathematics, primary school, informatization.

Monitoring the Level of Students' Breeding

In the article we deal with analyzing the results of schoolchildren’s breeding diagnostics in the framework of the Federal State Educational Standard of general education, and search the possibilities of using information technology to optimize the monitoring of the breeding level.

Keywords: efficiency of teaching, students' breeding, breeding level analysis, personal qualities, basic national values.

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