No. 2 (2015)

The Development of Gifted Students in Secondary School

We discuss the concept of management development of gifted students in secondary school, consisting of a few blocks of the tasks of the administration and teaching staff. We define talent as the internal capacity of the child's personality, expressed in the level of development of his intellectual and creative abilities and socially important personal qualities acquired during life under the influence of external and internal factors, and determining its future life success.

The Difficulties of Social and Pedagogical Support of Gifted Preschoolers

The problem of giftedness has always attracted and attracts the attention of researchers in the field of pedagogy and psychology. Scientists are unanimous in the necessity of the specifics in the development of a gifted child.These features require the organization of a special work with gifted children such as a social and pedagogical support. In kindergarten this type of support has a number of difficulties associated with age-related characteristicsof children, some specifics of the institutions, personnel readiness, and methodological supplies of the process.

Problems of Gifted Children in the Modern World

In the modern era, the era of the formation of post-industrial society, where the value of intellectual and creative human potential increases significantly, professional teaching of gifted and highly motivated children is urgently required. Nowadays the importance and urgency of solving the problem of identification and development of gifted and highly intelligent children cannot be overstated. Today’s requirements can combine the principles of integrated development and differentiated learning. These requirements can be regarded as a social order.

The Development of Gifted Children in Society

The level of the development of social consciousness requires a change in attitude of society to the problem of "non-standard"children's. We need to organize new mechanisms of adaptation of gifted child in today's society, and realize some measures at the federal and regional levels, which will fulfill gifted children potential. Children's creativity and unique results of their activities may be very usefulfor our state and society.

Keywords: giftedness, talent, gifted child.

Attestation Project as an Indicator of Teacher Professionalism

In the article we give a detailed analysis of the professional project as a form of representation of teacher's certification examination, and argue in favor of creating professional projects. Moreover we prove the need for the development of teacher's project activities and training in terms of professional projecting.

Keywords: attestation examination, teacher professional project, project activity.

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Teaching Giftedness as a Source of Teacher's Professional Skills Development

In the article, we present our general model of giftedness, consisting of one core and some factors affecting the level of appearance (realization) of the basic components of the core. Taking into account an orthogonal approach to the structure of personality by V. Rybalka, we have proposed pedagogical model of giftedness, consisting of components such as teaching abilities, pedagogical creativity, intellectual abilities, pedagogical orientation.

Keywords: giftedness, educational giftedness, pedagogical skills, pedagogical creativity.

Mental Stress: Health and Abilities of Gifted Children

In today's education, most participants of the educational process are affected by extreme mental stress. Currently, in the light of the intensification of the educational process, it is important to help each person to find his activity optimum value of mental load. Gifted children are most affected by the limit values of mental load because of their personal characteristics, increased vitality, disability, high motivation to succeed.

Teaching Gifted Students: The System of Special Foreign Language Education

In this article, we describe some ways of teaching linguistically gifted students in accordance with the system of special foreign language education. We propose different foreign language teaching technologies and methods that may be used in primary, secondary and senior school.

Keywords: technology, linguistic giftedness, special foreign language education, humanitarian culture, language.

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Teacher’s Psychological Readiness to Work with Gifted Children

In the article some important qualities, which are necessary to work with gifted children are described; the results of comparative analysis of teachers working and not working with gifted children are presented.

Keywords: teacher’simportant qualities and skills, gifted children.

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Social and Pedagogical Support of Gifted Students

In the article we research the importance of social and pedagogical support of gifted students, and describe some psychological and pedagogical mechanisms for the realization of social and pedagogical support of gifted students.

Keywords: social and pedagogical support, gifted children, conditions for realization.

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