No. 1 (2017)

Effeitive Ways to Practice Explanatory Dictionary in Primary Shool

The article substantiates the necessity of using explanatory dictionary in the process of teaching the Russian language to junior schoolchildren. The key aim of the present article is to determine the basic methodical principles of work with the this dictionary, which is one of the most important prerequisites for forming and developing junior schoolchildren. The article introduces types of tasks and exercises being sensitive to age and psychology features of junior schoolchildren.

Educational space of Novosibirsk region: vectors of development and growing-points

The article investigates educational space of Novosibirsk region, prioraties and perspectives of educa-tional growth are observed.

Keyword: science, innovation, high education, integration intercollegiate associations, national pro-gramme.

Greening of General Education: from Scientific Knowledge to Development of Individual Culture

The article sets a problem of development of methodological and didactic base for the integrity of the ecological component of various school subjects. Methodological approaches to the study of ways of incorporating environmental components into the content of general secondary education – that is its greening — have been identified. Different versions of school content greening, their goals and educational outcomes, possibilities and limitations have been shown.

Actual topics of common education for the benefit of sustainable growth: difficulties of transition and deficit of didactic knowledge

The topic set is a differentiated approach to the choice of the model of sustainable growth in regards to national identity development of Russian Federation. The topics of education environmentalization are covered.

Keywords: national model of the sustained growth, education for the benefit of sustainable growth (ESG), subject ESG, futurization, integration of the content, environmental imperative, “green axioms”.

The first phase of the System of environmental Education in the Context of Sustainable Human Development

The article presents the author's view of the features of the ecological education of junior school students in the traditional and prognostic aspects of globalization of the idea of sustainable development of mankind. Analysis of the materials of international strategy and a significant amount of educational research on the issue allowed the authors to identify promising areas of scientific and methodological inquiry in basic environmental education.

Integrated Processes in Education as Innovative Efforts: Methodological and Technological Issues

The paper provides the authors’ view-point on the opportunities of integrated processes (IP) as innovative efforts in investigating methodological and technological aspects of modern education. The basic claim in this paper is that the integrated processes in education have to reflect both humanitarian and natural approaches, used in teaching new generation, because traditional activities cannot incorporate the wide repertoire of development activities found in everyday life of man.

Educational Services in the Russian Education

The article considers the essence and structure of the category "educational services", included in the modern educational reality, main approaches to analysing the problem in the Russian pedagogical science are observed.

Keywords: educational services, educational activities, educational relationship.

Revival of national idea of patriotism as ideology

The article shows patriotism as unfying idea of Russian society which was always multinational and multireligius. Work experience on harmonisation of interethnic relationship and realisation of the strategy of state national politics of Russian Federation till 2025 and in Novosibirsk region for 2016-2018 is stated.

Keywords: patriotism, civicism, national patriotism, civic patriotism, national idea, ideology, consciousness of a citizen.

Scientific Knowledge in the Structure of Ecological Culture of the Personality

The article shows the ecological culture as a holistic phenomenon. Its content covers all the systems of culture: the motivational-behavioral, emotional-spiritual, intellectual and rational. The development of ecological culture includes the interrelated processes: the formation of the adequate ideas of reality, the growth of self-consciousness, the realization of the idea of integrity in the aspects of being, knowledge, value.

Keywords: integrity, the system of culture, ecological culture of personality, reality, modus of consciousness

Health, Safety and Environment friendly school activity: a new approach

The article considers organization of experimental work on the introduction of adapting and developing strategy of school students health care as a part of consolidated municipal educational collaboration of healthcare workers, teachers and parents.

Keywords: adapting and developing strategy of school students health care, adaptation, an individual style of teaching process, environment friendly educational system.

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