Teacher’s Professional Standard as a Resource for the Development of Pedagogical Competence

The article reveals the potential of the teacher’s professional standard for the continuous development of pedagogical competence. The grounds for the author’s conviction in the productive potential of this regulatory document are the concept of pedagogical competence and the results of scientific studies on its development, as well as the experience of interaction with teachers in the scientific and methodological support of innovative pedagogical activity.

The Potential of Teacher Mentoring in the Renovation of Russian Education

This article discusses the need for regeneration and renewing of the institute of pedagogical mentoring, based on tradition and new ideas connected with the specific changes in the social inquiry and internal requirements of the Russian educational system. We offer some ways of pedagogical mentoring as a tool for providing continuous professional development for all teachers.

Keywords: mentor, mentoring, professional development.

The first phase of the System of environmental Education in the Context of Sustainable Human Development

The article presents the author's view of the features of the ecological education of junior school students in the traditional and prognostic aspects of globalization of the idea of sustainable development of mankind. Analysis of the materials of international strategy and a significant amount of educational research on the issue allowed the authors to identify promising areas of scientific and methodological inquiry in basic environmental education.

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