IT-technologies as a Device of Mathematics Olympiads at Universities

The article discusses the feasibility of introducing Internet technologies into the educational process when conducting extracurricular activities, in particular, student olympiads in mathematics as part of the process of digitalization of education. The place of the subject olympiads in the system of higher education is analyzed, as well as the role of the olympiad as an environment for the development of digitalization tools. The experience of organizing student mathematical Olympiads using digital distance technologies is presented and considered.

Digital Technology in Teaching Foreign Language Students of Higher Education Institutions

This article focuses on digital storytelling technology in foreign language (FL) classes for non-linguistic students. The application of this technology develops varied surveys, both organizational and communicative skills for students. In practical foreign language classes, students engage in the creation of digital storytelling, and thereby investigate the learning material more successfully, thus increasing their academic performance. In the process of working on this technology it also helps to increase the level of students’ multimodal literacy.

Image of a Modern Foreign Language Teacher in the Digital Educational Space

The article focuses on studying the image of a current foreign language teacher in socialnetworks as well as defining the attitude of students to the teacher and teaching blogs in the social networks through the audience’s feedback. It also deals with studying the methodological approaches of blogs and content presentation features, alongwith identifying the educational blog specifics of a today’s so called digital educator which affects the audience’s perception of his/ her image.

Analysis of Expirience of Distant Teaching Foreign Languages to Non-Linguistic Specialities Students

The article reflects relevant issues of teaching foreign language to non-linguistic specialities students. It describes resource possibilities to involve Internet technologies having a wide range of learning material and increasing motivation to learn the subject, in teaching foreign languages in non-linguistic universities. It is possible with the aid of professional methodical, didactic, and technical support of students in process of online learning.

Information and communication technologies in chemistry education

The article is devoted to the use of electronic (digital) educational resources in teaching chemistry. The definitions of information and Web-technologies had been explained and it was shown that Internet resources and mobile communication means can used for educational purposes. Authors noted, that electronic educational resources is the main component of the information educational environment, which unites all the means of education, and were designed and tested on the basis of computer technologies and Internet technologies.

Web-Portfolio Technology for Formation of Professional Foreign Language Communicative Competence of Students: Non-Linguistic Higher Education Institution

The relevance of the study is determined by the need to expand the boundaries of the usage of new tools and methods of work in the process of teaching foreign language in non-linguistic higher education institutions. The use of webportfolio technology provides with the necessary pedagogical conditions for the formation of an appropriate level of students’ professional foreign language communicative competence while studying the discipline «Foreign language».

Main Concepts of Educational Field «Technology » in «3D Modeling and Prototyping»

In the educational field of Technology, many attempts have been made to increase the interest of schoolchildren to the subject: new approaches to organizing classes were developed, new tools were used, etc. Using the capabilities of 3D modeling in the classroom, taking into account its integrative content, allows us to combine and significantly enrich any section of the educational field of Technology.

Network Individualizm of Personality in a Media

This article reflects on the dynamics of the formation of a student's personality in a digital environment. As a result of the research, the authors focus on the participant of a network project who discovers the immediacy of knowledge in a network dialogue thanks to creative insight, recorded technologically by specially prepared iconic devicesfor the digital environment. When forming various competencies, the student assigns abstract, formally normalized facts equipped with mediation technologies.


The relevance of the study is determined by the need to search for new methods and techniques in practice of teaching foreign languages in non-linguistic higher education institutions. The use of an e-portfolio provides with the necessary conditions for the formation of the professional foreign language communicative competence. The aim of the work is to research the didactic potential of an e-portfolio technology and to develop a model in order to improve the level of foreign language communicative competence of students in a technical university.
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