V. I. Varyushcenko

Management of Teacher Development

Introduction to the school curriculum on the history of discussion issues highlighted a number of problems faced by teachers in their teaching. On the pages of pedagogical publications there are materials that offer different versions of the lessons, but the problem of organizing systematic training of teachers to teach controversial issues of historical science in the process of improving their skills in organizations of additional vocational education remains, as a rule, out of sight.

The Model of Formation Teachers’ Readiness to the Teaching of Controversial Issues of Historical Science in the Organization of Additional Professional Education

The article provides the model of formation teachers’ readiness to teach controversial issues of historical science that focuses on the professional needs of the teacher, his educational difficulties, on the methods of diagnosis while designing the educational process and analyzing its effectiveness in the organization of additional professional education, on the professional readiness of teachers to teach controversial issues of historical science at the end of training.

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