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Modern Experience of Forming the Management Competence in the Process of the Cadet Professional Training

The article analyzes the modern practice of forming the managerial competence of cadets in the process of mastering the military and military equipment. The author considers the stages of training of cadets of the Higher Educational Institution of Higher Education, suggests the modernization of education in one didactic direction related to the formation of the managerial competence of cadets when they master military and special equipment.

The Essence and the Content of the Subjective Position of Students: Psychological and Pedagogical Aspect

The article considers to the problems of forming the subjective position of students from the point of view of psychology and pedagogy. The author of the article investigates the issues related to the theoretical foundations and practical aspects of the formation of a subjective position in the educational environment of a military university. Particular attention is paid to the role of the teacher in the formation of the cadet's subjective position.

The Self-Esteem and the Formation of a Personality of a Child

The article reveals the author's view on the psychological problems of man connected with the formation of a personality of a child at an early age, when the Self-esteem of a child is violated by a personally immature mother. The aim of the study. The causes of the child-harmful upbringing in the family motivate the society to improve the psychological literacy of the population in terms of the problem under discussion, i.e. the early childhood and conscious motherhood relationship. Results of the study.

Polytechnical Component of Chemistry in School Education

The article is devoted to polytechnic resources as one of the core components of chemical education. The authors analysed the school curriculum on the first Russian programs on chemistry for secondary schools to the unified traditional program used up to the end of the 1990s. The school course of chemistry is consistently provides system of polytechnic concepts, as well as describes technologies of production of the most important chemical products, including corresponding chemical experiments and didactic material.

Schoolchildren with Disabilities Program: Model of Training Future Teachers for Implementation of Educational Functions

The article presents the model of preparing future teachers for the implementation of the educational function within the program for children with disabilities. The relevance of the model structure focuses on the requirements of the quality of training future teachers that have significantly increased in the higher educational system. The Model covers the process of the formation of students as trained specialists for the activity program for children with limited health abilities.

English for Research Publication Purposes at Postgraduate Program of a Transport University

The problem of both quantity and quality of research publications in English by Russian scientists in high-ranking journals is still relevant today. In the absence of specialized training in academic writing at technical universities, researchers have to rely on self-study or on the translator and language proofreaders help. However, the skills of independent analytical writing develop more slowly than all other skills, and in the process of translating a scientific text into a foreign language, both logic and content may be distorted or misinterpreted.

Readiness of Foreign Language Teachers to Use Massive Online Courses in University Educational Process

The aim of this research is to study the readiness of foreign language teachers to use Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in the educational process of higher education institutions. To achieve this goal, a multi-level approach was used, including questionnaire analysis, conducting interviews with teachers, and critical analysis of educational documents. It was found that despite theteachers’ positive attitude and recognition of MOOCs`potential they face a number of difficulties that hinder the use of MOOCs in full, i.e.

Language Learning Strategies of the Foreign Cadets in Military Academy (in classes of Russian as a Foreign Language)

The article deals with the terms «learning strategy» and «learning task». Proceeding from discourse analytic research the authors describe the interrelation between the given terms and postulate that learning strategies are determined by the culture of students. The authors used the method of pedagogical observation to identify the strategies used by foreign cadets. Based on the observation resultswe developed a questionnaire and offered it to the students.

Methodological Aspects of Tolerance Developmenttowards Diversity Managementby Means of a Foreign Language

This study identifies effective foreign language acquisition techniques for fostering reasonable tolerance towards managing diversity in a modern heterogeneous environment where respect for the difference and uniqueness of multiple identities should comply with personal moral and ethical attitudes and views. The relevance of tolerance development is due to the expansion of conflict zones, aggression, tension along with widespread propaganda of new values, moral and ethical principlesthat are associated with intense migration and cross-cultural exchange processes.

Educational Discussions in the System of Training of Future Geography Teachers in Pedagogical University

Students of pedagogical universities should be prepared for the activity of forming a scientific picture of the world. Such picture is built within the help of possession of interdisciplinary concepts and on the formed ability to find and reveal cause-and-effect relations in the surrounding reality. One of the elements in the system of preparing future teachers to fulfill the requirements regulated by the state and society is their involvement in educational discussions.
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