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Our Lermontov

At the end of December 2014 the Novosibirsk Teachers’ Upgrading and Retraining Institute held a scientific-practical conference dedicated to the Lermontov’s life and works. We offer the material resulting that conference.

Keywords: poet, Lermontov’s motives, lyrical hero.

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Activity Systems Approach: The Formation and Development of the Competence Creating a Speech at the Lessons on Studying Mikhail Lermontov’s life and Works

In the article we analyze the results of the graduates’ essays and indicate the first difficulties they faced, in particular, the difficulty of writing essays on the works of Mikhail Lermontov. In this regard, we try to answer how to make the poet more modern and understandable for students of the XXIst century.

Keywords: essay, activity systems approach, competence creating a speech.

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The Development of Cognitive Activity of Students on the Basis of Lermontov’s Borodino Ballad

The most complex task of a teacher of Russian language and literature is, perhaps, to find the ways how to help students to understand the necessity of literary education, and how to teach each student to raise the personal importance of the acquired knowledge and skills. We are looking for new ways of learning and development of children’s interest to reading. In this connection it is proposed a plan of integrated lesson on Lermontov’s Borodino ballad.

Keywords: collective method of teaching, character, creative activity, the development of cognitive activity.

The Formation of Students’ Culturological Competence: The Use of Etymological Analysis of Words at Russian Language Lessons on the Basis of Lermontov’s Works

In the article we present as an example the Russian language lesson on etymological analysis of words, focused on the development of students’ culturological competence.

Keywords: culturological competence, etymological analysis, vocabulary.

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The System of Studying a Hero of Our Time, Lermontov's novel, in the 9th Grade

In the article we propose the system of tasks for studying A Hero of Our Time, and as well we give a detailed analysis of chapters of the novel.

Keywords: novel, problem question, character, quiz, lexical dictation.

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Lermontov’s Ball as a Means of Socialization

We share the Novosibirsk secondary school No. 90 experience of holding annual balls in the style of the XIXth century to immerse everyone into the atmosphere of the studied age, and to give everyone the opportunity to show their creativity.

Keywords: out-of-school reading, integrated lessons, socialization of personality.

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