Forum: financial literacy as a factor of social competence and safety

Financial Literacy as a Factor of Social Competence and Safety

The article examines the applicability of training on financial literacy in the system of basic education and additional professional education.

Keywords: social competence, literacy, financial literacy, financial safety of a person, development of the basic education, additional professional education.

Improving financial literacy of students: social, legal and didactic conditions

The article actualizes the problem of the financial education of the population of our country.

Keywords: financial literacy, subject-subject relations, system-activity approach, financial competence, financial literacy learning.

Personal Finance — the Basis of the Stable Development of the Country

The article reviewed financial competence topics. The mechanism of financial competence formation of school students of 2-11 grades with account of age peculiarities is emphisized.

Keywords: financial competence, stable development, personal finance, money, family finances.

Financial Literacy as one of the Competence of Modern Person

The necessity of the formation of financial planning skills of school students is actualized in the article. The problem is sanctified through competence-based approach. It gives the methodical development of game-lessons on the theme "Family Budget". The article is addressed to practicing teachers.

Keywords: federal state educational standard, competence approach, modern school, financial literacy.

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