Regional component in education

Evolution of Voting System of Municipal Elections in Russia in the End of XIX Century and the First Quarter of X X Century

The article deals with issues related to the emergence and functioning of electoral laws adopted during the years of the revolution and the civil war and regulating the conditions for holding elections to local self-government bodies. Analyzed and compared are the electoral laws existing in monarchic Russia, with the laws adopted by the Provisional Government, the Soviet government and the government of Admiral Kolchak. The article defines the principal differences between the laws of different governments in terms of age, degree of settlement, occupation, class and other characteristics.

Organization and Conduct of Classes «Lessons of Local Self-Government»

In the article, the problem of the need for social learning for students of the skills of self-organization of the population, active civic behavior is considerd. Before bringing up these traditions and qualities it is necessary to form ideas about them, create opportunities for the formation of skills of conscious civil behavior.

Management of Teacher Development

Introduction to the school curriculum on the history of discussion issues highlighted a number of problems faced by teachers in their teaching. On the pages of pedagogical publications there are materials that offer different versions of the lessons, but the problem of organizing systematic training of teachers to teach controversial issues of historical science in the process of improving their skills in organizations of additional vocational education remains, as a rule, out of sight.

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