No. 1 (2018)

Thoughts of Vasiliy Razumovsky About the Scientific Method of Knowledge in Didactics of Physics

In the article on the documentary material reveals the modern problems of Didactics of physics and physical education. For example bright socially centered thoughts academician RAO V. Razumovsky proved the relevance of attention to the scientific method of knowledge, experimentation and modelling, scientific literacy in learning physics.

Keywords: the scientific method of knowledge, experimentation, modeling, educational activities, trouble physics didactics, creativity.

Reflective practice in vocational education

The theme of the publication actualizarea understanding of the need for professional training is able to detect and formulate the production tasks, to take effective solutions. The article seeks to understand the pedagogical conditions of formation professional and create situations of reflexive interaction in the learning process.

Methodical Accompaniment of Professional Activity of Teacher in a Post-course Period

In today's reality, a modern teacher learns with children, and demonstrates to his students the ability to learn. Practically every teacher wants to become a professional. The notion of "professionalism" includes not only subject, didactic, methodological, psychological and pedagogical knowledge and skills, but also the personal potential of the teacher, which includes the system of his professional values, his beliefs, attitudes.

Development of Professional Educational Mastery of a Teacher by Methodologically Adapted of Historical and Pedagogical Knowledge

The article takes an attempt to provide rational for the essential possibility of activization of the process of the development of professional educational mastery at practical pedagogical workers (form masters, social teachers, teacher-facilitators, extracurricular teachers and etc.) by methodologically adapted of historical and pedagogical knowledge. Professional educational mastery is considered as highest possible stage of personal and creative fulfilment of a teacher.

Federal State Educational Standarts and Professional Culture of high School Teachers

This article presents the problems of learning in the higher education institution connected with the transition to two-tier system of education (bachelor's programme, master's programme ): organization of student's self-study, practice duration and learning in total decrease, cancellation of the final state exam.

Development Logical Thinking of Junior Schoolchildren in the Learning Process

The relevance of this article is due to the necessity of development cognitive activity of schoolchildren at a higher level. Its main goal is to identify the main ways of effective development logical thinking of junior students. Problems of determining the specifics of development this phenomenon in Russian and Bulgarian elementary systems and in identifying the main directions of development children’s cognitive activity in the process of using logical operations are considered in it. This article consists of introduction, the main part and inference presented by conclusions.

Construction of Teaching Methods for «The Modern Global-information» Educational Paradigm

Reconstruction of the educational system of being immersed into the new teaching paradigm requires modernization of teaching methods. This modernization defines not only the development of new methods, but new dedicated classifications for the allocation of the described in the classical didactics methods, new dedicated classifications for summation fore present and new methods of teaching, new methods inside classes of methods of teaching.

Critique of the Thought Receptions and Methods of Argument and Proof of «Critical Rationalism» by K. R. Popper

Substantiates philosophical and not scientific nature of the concept of K.R. Popper, its ideological and marginalism, reveals the non-scientific system of thought reception and methods used by Popper in his concept for establishing a system of evidence and reasoning, it is shown that these methods became the basis of the ideology and practice of Anglo-Saxon culture and marginalism with their own justification for all activity on the planet and the system of total lies in the modern world

Regional History in the Formation and Development of the Personality of Students

The article focuses on the role of the regional history in the formation and development of the personality of students. This study is not only the outline of the key milestones in the history of the region, but also serves for the scrupulous investigation of numerous historical facts and events whose influence was great enough to speak about the phenomenon of Western Siberia in different aspects and from different viewpoints for the formation and development of the personality of both students and pedagogues.

Evolution of Voting System of Municipal Elections in Russia in the End of XIX Century and the First Quarter of X X Century

The article deals with issues related to the emergence and functioning of electoral laws adopted during the years of the revolution and the civil war and regulating the conditions for holding elections to local self-government bodies. Analyzed and compared are the electoral laws existing in monarchic Russia, with the laws adopted by the Provisional Government, the Soviet government and the government of Admiral Kolchak. The article defines the principal differences between the laws of different governments in terms of age, degree of settlement, occupation, class and other characteristics.

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