Technology (Pedagogy) in the Framework of Patriotic Education

This article presents the pedagogical devices considered as effective for the military-patriotic education of the youth. Gamification as an innovative approach is under consideration in this research. As is the case, gamification analyzed asa didactic means in this researchis intended for teenagers, purposefully, in the aspect of the military-patriotic activity of the youth in Russia, schoolchildren, cadets, and students.
Keywords: gamification, military-patriotic education, educational functions, pedagogical innovation.

Network Individualizm of Personality in a Media

This article reflects on the dynamics of the formation of a student's personality in a digital environment. As a result of the research, the authors focus on the participant of a network project who discovers the immediacy of knowledge in a network dialogue thanks to creative insight, recorded technologically by specially prepared iconic devicesfor the digital environment. When forming various competencies, the student assigns abstract, formally normalized facts equipped with mediation technologies.
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