Problem outline

Current Problems of Modern Russian Education and possible ways to solve them

The article considers a number of currently relevant problems in the systems of domestic engineering education, teacher training and general education as links of an interconnected chain on which the future of the country depends. The ways of their solution are suggested and substantiated. To provide conditions for transition of the country to sustainable development it is necessary to revive the national industrial potential based on high technology, a new industrialization is needed.

CLIL as a means of foreign language teachers’ professional competences development

Problem statement concerns actual issues of competent foreign language use for professional purposes by Russian specialists; these questions are under consideration and discussion by both educators and academic researchers the past two decades. The purpose of this paper is to present some of the findings on how to help university graduates become more efficient intercultural communicators in the globalized world in terms of Content and Language Integrated Learning methodology (CLIL). Methods and materials.

Примеры оценивания результатов при многоуровневом тестировании

The article is devoted to the problem of automatic processing of results in multilevel testing. One of the main problems of innovative education is the task of forming the ability to find relationships between known and unknown phenomena and streamline mental actions, according to known algorithms, and also compose them independently. Already at the primary school, the process of solving most problems is not one-step, but comes down to a chain of successive steps.

The specificity of the educational process in the conditions of military institute of national guard troops of the russian federation

Training of cadets in a military University should be considered as a complex psychological and pedagogical process with stress factors that allow students to form stress resistance as a professionally important quality of future military specialists. However, in our opinion, the learning process is not fully aimed at the formation of stress resistance in cadets. At the final stage of their training at the military Institute, the cadets do not have special skills and technologies in the confrontation with stressful situations.

Social and pedagogical support professional training of military servants by calling as a pedagogical system

The article deals with the problem of socio-pedagogical support for the professional training of servicemen on conscription in the conditions of the Military University training center as a pedagogical system. The vocational training of conscripts in the military specialty area at the training center of a military high school is considered in the context of additional military and professional education.

Improvement of soft skills of pedagogical workers as a condition for the introduction of a professional standard

Brief abstract: The article discusses the need to improve the soft skills of modern pedagogical workers in the context of implementing a professional standard as one of the conditions for ensuring the quality of education. A variant of organizing activities aimed at developing soft skills among young teachers is proposed, with the aim of their professional adaptation, further development and consolidation in the workplace.

Reflective practice in vocational education

The theme of the publication actualizarea understanding of the need for professional training is able to detect and formulate the production tasks, to take effective solutions. The article seeks to understand the pedagogical conditions of formation professional and create situations of reflexive interaction in the learning process.

Methodical Accompaniment of Professional Activity of Teacher in a Post-course Period

In today's reality, a modern teacher learns with children, and demonstrates to his students the ability to learn. Practically every teacher wants to become a professional. The notion of "professionalism" includes not only subject, didactic, methodological, psychological and pedagogical knowledge and skills, but also the personal potential of the teacher, which includes the system of his professional values, his beliefs, attitudes.

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