No. 3 (2016)

Informatization of Education: From Innovation to Standard

In the article we consider the problems of informatization of education.

Keywords: informatization of education, information and communication technologies, educational process, information environment, self-directed educational activity.

Online Distance School of Novosibirsk Region. Intellectualization of Learning Management System

In the article we present the opportunities of e-learning system for distance teachers in the development of student individualized instruction within the framework of the Online Distance School of Novosibirsk Region project.

Keywords: e-learning, learning process management, learning individualization, agent systems.

E-Learning Technology in Higher School

In the article we examine current trends and issues in higher education. The features of e-learning, functions of a teacher, possible directions and goals of further training of teachers are described.

Keywords: e-learning, the possibilities and limitations of e-learning, e-learning model, new functions of a teacher, professional development of a teacher.

WebQuests in Educational Process: Peculiarities and Problems of Using

In the article we describe some problems of implementing webquests in the educational process.

Keywords: webquests, online resources, forms of work, educational process, methods.

The Risks of Using Information Technologies in Education

In this article we discuss the risks associated with the computerization of modern society and the use of information technology in teaching. Based on the analysis of a number of sources, we consider the classification of information risks, the mechanism of the impact on users, as well as proposed in the sources of their means of prevention.

Keywords: information technology in teaching, informatization of education, information risks, the need for information, user’s information culture.

Children in Terms of Digital Culture

In the article we discuss specific problems related to the development of children’s learning abilities in terms of the formation of digital culture.

Keywords: education, children, learning abilities, the 6th technological mode.

Methodology of Cognition as a Tool of Interdisciplinary Physics and Astronomy Links

The article shows the didactic possibilities for improving studying physics and astronomy based on modern methodology of cognition.

Keywords: physics, astronomy, methodology, model, experimentation, modeling, learning activities.

Quality Management of Educational Activity in Modern Educational Organization

In the article we discuss in detail the concept of quality in education, and describe the organization of educational activities planning in modern educational process.

Keywords: quality in education, educational activity, educational process.

Digital InfoSpace and its Characteristics

In the article we research important characteristics of the digital infospace. We give the main ways of understanding the concept of digital infospace and related to it terms. Digital infospace qualities are characterized.

Keywords: digital infospace, digital infospace characteristics, numerical representation, modularity, automation, variability, transcoding.

The Complexity of E-learning

In the article we present some ways to increase the efficiency of the educational process through the introduction of e-learning tools combined in software methodological complex, which is considered as specialized knowledge base, and developed for the future specialists to solve applied tasks by means of ICT.

Keywords: ICT, competence, learning tool, software methodological complex, specialist.

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