The Art of Parenting, or Fictional School Stories

The article is devoted to the problem of generalization and presentation of the experience of teachers in the field of education of a growing person. The purpose of the publication is to uncover the value-semantic basis of the educational activity of a teacher, class teacher, emphasize the priority of a sensitive, meaningful, informal attitude of a teacher to his pupils. Main objectives: to focus on the holistic nature of professional experience in the field of education, the need for its systematic analysis without losing the individual author’s position as a teacher.

Collective and Individual Social Projects in the Process of Students’ Training: Implementation Practice

The relevance of using social projects in the process of students’ training is due to the fact that active interaction in the “student-social environment”, “student-teacher”, “student-student” modes in collective and individual social projects enables each student to develop systemic and critical thinking, team-work skills and leader qualities, as well as communication and intercultural interaction skills.

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