Improvisation as a Component of Pedagogical Techniques

The article is devoted to the problem o f formation o f future teachers ' pedagogical techniques. The place of formation of pedagogical techniques in the system of professional training o f teachers is characterized. Reveals one of the components o f pedagogical techniques and pedagogical improvisation that is required for the possession o f pedagogical skills. Describes the experience o f formation and development o f pedagogical improvisation in future teachers by means of q musical culture, accumulated in the SBEI HE "Stavropol state pedagogical Institute" in Budennovsk.

Formation of the Individual Pedagogical Technology by Musical Culture Means

The article explores the experience o f the formation o f teaching techniques of pedagogical institute students. Applied methods and forms help to realize the unique identity, the natural potential o f each student, thus enhancing their professional competence. In order to implement the integration of theoretical and practical training o f students, pedagogical conditions are created in which certain components of pedagogical techniques can act with integrity, syncretic. Musical culture tools perform the connecting factor.

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