Galina M. Vartapetova

Standardized Teaching of Students with Limited Health Capabilities: Pedagogical and Organizational Aspects

In the article we present the results of the activities of the two structural units of the Novosibirsk Teachers’ Upgrading and Retraining Institute at scientific and methodological, educational and methodological supervision of students with disabilities in the Novosibirsk region. We determine the existing problems of this process, and propose to solve them by means of special professional development of teachers.

Dysgraphia Mechanisms of Younger Schoolchildren with Different Lateral Organization of Sensorimotor Functions

We present a comparative analysis of the mechanisms of writing disorders of children with different lateral organization of sensorimotor functions. The determination of lateral phenotype of children is given in accordance with the approaches of E. Chomskaya. We reveal similarities and differences in symptoms and mechanisms of disorders of speech and writing of students with different types of lateral organization profile (pure right-handed, right-handed, ambidextrous, and left-handed).

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