No. 6 (2016)

"Meet the Judiciary System": The Development of Social Competence and Law Culture of Students in the Course of Social and Educational Project

In the article we examine social and pedagogical conditions and possibilities of juridical socialization of students. The experience of implementing the unique social and educational project “Meet the Judiciary System” is presented.

Keywords: law culture, social competence, the methodology of teaching law, social and teaching activi-ties.

The Potential of Teacher Mentoring in the Renovation of Russian Education

This article discusses the need for regeneration and renewing of the institute of pedagogical mentoring, based on tradition and new ideas connected with the specific changes in the social inquiry and internal requirements of the Russian educational system. We offer some ways of pedagogical mentoring as a tool for providing continuous professional development for all teachers.

Keywords: mentor, mentoring, professional development.

Pedagogical Supervision of Gifted Children

The key concept of the article discusses the triad of «gifts — abilities — giftedness». We reveal the properties of giftedness, and present its classification.

Keywords: giftedness, gifts, abilities, meanings, pedagogical supervision, humanitarian paradigm of education.

Competence-based Approach to Teachers Professional Development

In the article we present the relevant competence-based approach, its meaning and components; the possibilities for its implementation in special vocational education at the level of content, and the level of organization of educational process in the system of teacher training in terms of standardization. We give some examples of methodological innovation developed by means of competence-based approach and recommended for teacher training.

Keywords: special vocational education, professional development, competence-based approach, methodological innovation.

Active and Interactive Forms the Training Sessions in Professional Development of Teachers

In the article active and interactive methods and forms of training in the professional development of teach-ers are classified. Moreover we prove the demand of these methods and forms, and analyze the difficulties of their application.

Keywords: additional professional education, professional retraining, training, active forms and methods of teaching, interactive forms and methods of teaching, pedagogical workers, competence-based approach.

Standardized Teaching of Students with Limited Health Capabilities: Pedagogical and Organizational Aspects

In the article we present the results of the activities of the two structural units of the Novosibirsk Teachers’ Upgrading and Retraining Institute at scientific and methodological, educational and methodological supervision of students with disabilities in the Novosibirsk region. We determine the existing problems of this process, and propose to solve them by means of special professional development of teachers.

Educational Environment as a Factor of Professional Self-Determination of Students

In the article we discuss the ways a municipal educational district can reinforce students’ career choice opportunities.

Keywords: educational district, management functions, education system.

Preparing Younger Generation for Labor: Is it An Old Idea or Our School of Tomorrow?

In the article we consider the problem of preparing students for labor as a condition of the development of the Russian productive forces, and propose to solve it by training students’ basic labor skills and abilities, as well as by teaching them the basics of technologies of various types of production.

Keywords: productive forces, modern industrial and agricultural production, human resources, economic development of the country, labor skills and abilities, labor education, career guidance, productive labor, polytechnic education, modern school.

Pedagogical Sketching as an Effective Form for Teacher’s Professional development

The article presents the scientific approaches to the interactions of the verbal and visual channels of perception of information. We consider the visualization of images as a way to realize competence-based approach, and present an original teaching idea that is pedagogical sketching based on the theory of dual coding and relevant trends of contemporary art.

Keywords: professional development, active learning, visual images, pedagogical sketching, sketchbooks.

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