No. 4 (2016)

Computerization of Music Education: Modern Look at the History

The article discusses the role and importance of the Novosibirsk State Conservatory in the process of the formation and development of computerization of music education in Russia. We present some processes of musical upbringing and teaching of the younger generation by using computer technology. The role, place and importance of the computer in the development of culture and people are described.

Keywords: music education, computer program, computer technology, computerization, technical means, music editor.

Sociocultural Pedagogy and Sociocultural Approach: Value and Reflective Interpretations

The article presents a methodological analysis of the sociocultural movement and sociocultural approach in pedagogy. We distinguish two interpretations of social competence: 1) a component of foreign language communicative competence and 2) a possession of culture consistent means of social activities.

Keywords: sociocultural theory, sociocultural pedagogy, sociocultural approach, sociocultural competence, multicultural education, dialogue of cultures.

Application of Active and Interactive Methods in Philosophical Knowledge and Teaching of Philosophy

In the article we discuss the specifics of studying and teaching philosophy. We examine the peculiarities of the use of interactive teaching methods in the teaching of philosophy and other humanities.

Keywords: philosophy, knowledge, teaching methods, creativity, dialogue, debate.

The Mental Approach to Education: Philosophical Dimension of Social Projects

Looking at mental bases of social projects, we proceed from the fact that the institution of education and its components (so-called “actors”) are traditionally the main agents of social transformations. The power of education as a social phenomenon is not linked to the fact that education is a sphere that requires continuous substantive or formal transformation. On the contrary, the formation of the space is conservative, and changes in it are internal and institutionalized within the historically long period of time.

Directions of the Development of the System of Additional Vocational Education in the Context of Teacher's Professional Competence Requirements

The article deals with perspective directions of the development of the system of additional vocational education in the context of solving the problems of teacher’s professional standard. We actualize the problem of readiness of modern teachers to implement new work functions, and offer possible solutions.

Keywords: teacher’s professional standard, additional vocational education, work functions, professional competence.

Formational and Civilizational Approaches: Challenges and Solutions

This article describes the civilizational and formational approaches in the social sciences, its varieties and implications of the economy and politics of the USSR and Russia. The peculiarities of the Russian culture and the application of the civilizational approach to it are revealed. The concept of national ideal as the general law of cultural development is summarized, and the issue of civilizational fault of Russia is considered.

Teacher’s Professional Standard as a Resource for the Development of Pedagogical Competence

The article reveals the potential of the teacher’s professional standard for the continuous development of pedagogical competence. The grounds for the author’s conviction in the productive potential of this regulatory document are the concept of pedagogical competence and the results of scientific studies on its development, as well as the experience of interaction with teachers in the scientific and methodological support of innovative pedagogical activity.

Specifics of Interaction between Teacher and Parents of Students with Hearing Loss

In the article we describe the recommendations for teachers on the specifics of building cooperation with parents of children with hearing loss.

Keywords: interaction between teachers and parents, deaf-and-dumb pedagogy, correction and rehabilitation process.

The Adjustment of Educational Activity Taking into Consideration the Peculiarities of the Development of Boys and Girls

In the article we discuss the need to adjust the educational process taking into consideration the peculiarities of the development of boys and girls.

Keywords: gender-based approach, individual characteristics, teaching children of different genders, primary school pupil.

Teacher-Parents Interaction in Designing Individual Educational Trajectories of Students

In the article we show the different views on the concept of "dunce", the basic subjective and objective reasons for poor progress of students, the role of teacher-parents interaction with in teaching children. The concept of "individual educational trajectory" is analyzed.

Keywords: dunce, interaction with parents, designing individual educational trajectories of students, forms of work.

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