K. B. Umbrashko

People within Power & Power in Search of People: «Management Techniques» in Terms of Palace Coups d’Etai, 18th Century Russia

 Problem statement. It is curious to reflect that so much importance has been given to the actual issues of the problem under consideration in terms of current historiography scientific Scholarship of «People within power» & «Power in search of people» within «management techniques» of the Palace Coups d'Etai of the XVIII-th century. Both the structural model and the functional/communicative model have, in their different ways, consistently played it.

Regional History in the Formation and Development of the Personality of Students

The article focuses on the role of the regional history in the formation and development of the personality of students. This study is not only the outline of the key milestones in the history of the region, but also serves for the scrupulous investigation of numerous historical facts and events whose influence was great enough to speak about the phenomenon of Western Siberia in different aspects and from different viewpoints for the formation and development of the personality of both students and pedagogues.

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